Infertility Treatment in Chandigarh

Infertility is a medical condition characterised by the inability of a couple to conceive or achieve a successful pregnancy despite regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for an extended period, typically one year or more. It is a significant health issue affecting millions of individuals and couples worldwide. Infertility can have profound emotional, psychological and societal implications. In fact, for a lot of individuals, it’s indeed a crucial concern in the field of reproductive health and medicine. When facing infertility challenges, finding the best infertility doctor in Chandigarh or any other location becomes indispensable.

Causes of Infertility

There are a lot of causes of infertility in men and women in the Tricity. However, it’s never easy to answer as to why someone is not getting pregnant. Only an infertility treatment doctor in Chandigarh can help you determine the actual cause of this condition and find the best treatment for the same. Although there are many causes responsible for infertility, we shall discuss some of the most common ones.

Age: Advanced maternal age affects female fertility as there is a significant decline in the quality and quantity of the egg. In like manner, males may also experience reduced sperm quality as they grow older.

Medical Conditions: Other major conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, and hormonal imbalances can also affect female fertility.  On the other hand, male fertility can be potentially disrupted by issues like erectile dysfunction and varicocele.

Lifestyle Factors: If we look at some of the lifestyle factors that can be responsible for infertility in men and women, they are smoking, alcohol, obesity and excessive exercise. These are well known to disrupt reproductive health in men and women.

STIs: Some sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhoea can lead to female pelvic inflammatory disease, damaging fallopian tubes.

Genetics: Infertility risk can also be impacted by genetic factors, as reproductive organs and the quality of sperm and eggs can be affected.

Symptoms and Signs

There are subtle signs which present infertility, such as irregular menstrual cycles, painful menstruation, and abnormal bleeding in women. Pain during intercourse, as well as changes in libido, may also sometimes indicate underlying fertility issues. The symptoms in men may include testicular pain, erectile dysfunction, and changes in ejaculation patterns. Unexpected breast milk production and chronic pelvic pain are other additional signs of infertility. Furthermore, infertility may lack noticeable symptoms, and thus, a professional evaluation is necessary. Get in touch with the best infertility doctor in Chandigarh in case you have any such bothersome concerns.

Diagnosis of Infertility

Diagnosing infertility demands a comprehensive assessment considering both partners. The process commences with a detailed medical history. That is to say, reproductive as well as medical backgrounds are taken into consideration to determine the actual reason behind infertility. Physical exams check for physical abnormalities or signs of underlying conditions.  For women, ovulation assessment, HSG, hormone testing, and transvaginal ultrasounds help determine their fertility status.

In the case of men, physical exams are conducted in order to check for abnormalities or signs of underlying conditions. Thus, men have to undergo semen analysis along with hormone testing. It must be remembered that specialised tests like laparoscopy and genetic testing may be necessary in some specific cases. Altogether, these diagnostic steps aim to identify the underlying root cause of infertility, enabling tailored treatment plans. Doctor Mahey’s clinic stands out as the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to infertility treatment in Chandigarh. After all, they employ the latest advancements in medical science to increase the chances of conception.

Infertility Treatment Options

There is no doubt that infertility treatments offer a great deal of hope to all couples struggling to conceive. Medications like Clomid and hormone therapy are the initial options which help regulate the reproductive cycles. In addition to that, Assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including IVF and IUI, assist in conception. For illustration, IVF involves fertilising eggs in a lab and transferring embryos to the uterus, whereas IUI involves the process of placing the prepared sperm in the uterus during ovulation.

Dr. Mahey is the most renowned infertility doctor in Chandigarh, offering diverse solutions to her patients. Another key point is that surgery may be necessary in certain cases involving endometriosis or fibroids. However, the alternative options include donor sperm, eggs, and gestational surrogacy. Consulting with fertility specialists is imperative and vital to ascertain the right choice of treatment for individuals struggling with infertility. On the positive side, infertility treatment options have indeed transformed the lives of innumerable couples on their journey to parenthood.